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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 48 - General Provisions

Section: 20 - Uses permitted with use permit

     The following uses may be permitted in any district subject to the securing of a use permit in each case:

A.  Public parking lots

B.  Public uses, quasipublic uses, or utility provider uses (e.g. water districts, etc.). Such uses shall only be permitted with the consent of the landowner if the applicant is other than the landowner.

C.  The commercial removal of minerals, earth or construction materials

D.  Signs, not over twenty square feet, advertising the sale of a subdivision

E.  Signs not otherwise prohibited, and which are placed above the permitted height of buildings

F.  Cemeteries

G.  Temporary asphalt, rock aggregate, and concrete plants for a period not to exceed the duration of the project being constructed by the permittee or the permittee's representative. See also Section 20.56.030.

H.  A temporary real estate sales office in conjunction with a recorded major subdivision permitted pursuant to this title, and Title 16 of Del Norte County Code, Subdivisions, and subject to the following requirements:

    1.  A building permit shall be obtained for the temporary unit/use and shall comply with the Uniform Building Code applicable at the time of permit application

    2.  Temporary real estate sales units may be a manufactured commercial coach or a permanent dwelling unit located within an approved building area within a recorded major subdivision. A notice of conditional approval shall be recorded for a temporary office

    3.  If the unit is a commercial coach, it may be served by temporary utility connections (sewage disposal, water), including a separate electrical service. The proponent shall submit with any commercial coach application a siding/landscaping plan as part of the use permit. If the office is incorporated into a permanent dwelling unit, the unit shall be connected to permanent utility connections. All temporary utilities shall be removed at the time the temporary unit is removed

    4.  Temporary real estate sales offices shall be approved by the Del Norte County Health Department prior to issuance of a building permit

    5.  Temporary real estate sales offices shall comply with Chapter 20.46 of Del Norte County Code, Parking. Parking areas may be a temporary all-weather surface within all areas including those designated as urban land use by the general plan

    6.  Temporary real estate sales offices shall comply with Title 18 of Del Norte County Code, Signs, and shall be considered compatible with the light commercial zone district

    7.  A temporary real estate sales office shall be removed within sixty days after the sale of seventy-five percent of the lots in the recorded subdivision where the sales office is located. This includes any temporary utilities and signs approved as part of the temporary use not typically al-lowed by Del Norte County Code (signs advertising the sale of real estate as defined by Title 18, Signs)

    8.  Use permits issued for temporary real estate sales offices shall be subject to annual review and renewal by the Del Norte County planning commission. The applicant is responsible for demonstrating the total percentage of lots sold at the time of a request for renewal of the use permit.

I.  A second electrical meter for commercial purposes may be allowed on a legally established parcel in conjunction with a use permit for a home enterprise on the same parcel if all of the following requirements are met:

    1.  A specific need for a second electrical meter for commercial purposes has been demonstrated, such as a second meter which provides commercial service, is necessary to run specific work-related tools or machinery on the subject parcel as part of the home enterprise activity and

    2.  A recorded notice which states that the second electrical meter is for the permitted home enterprise only and must be removed prior to the sale or transfer of the subject parcel, is recorded on the subject parcel and

    3.  A valid building permit has been issued for the second electrical meter for commercial purposes on the subject parcel.


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