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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 48 - General Provisions

Section: 40 - Signs and nameplates

  • Signs, not over six square feet in area may be displayed on any parcel of land or building for the purpose of advertising such parcel or building for sale or lease.
  • Signs which are appurtenant to any permitted use may be displayed in any RH, C, or M district, provided that no more than three signs of not more than two square feet of area per foot of frontage to a maximum of two hundred square feet of aggregate area shall be permitted for any one establishment. Where double faced signs are used, the area of one side only shall be included in the aggregate area. Lot frontage used in determining sign areas shall include property frontage wherein the main entrance to the business is located. Where a public or private parking lot is adjacent to a business, only the frontage whereon the business is conducted shall be counted as business frontage. These provisions shall not apply to signs using the wall of a building as the surface, or attached to the wall of a building, providing such signs do not project more than twelve inches beyond the exterior face of such wall, providing such wall is a nonprojecting, integral part of the building, and providing the aggregate area of such wall sign does not exceed twenty percent of the total area of such wall and further provided that such signs shall advertise only such general product, or products and/or services as is or are, actually sold, dispensed, or rendered on the premises.
  • No red, green or amber lights or illuminated signs may be placed in such a position that they could reasonably be expected to interfere with, or be confused with any official traffic control device or traffic signal or official guide sign.
  • Name plates and numbers not over two square feet in area, may be permitted in any R district.
  • (Ord. 69-4 § 2, 1969 Ord. 67-10 § 5.0103, 1967.)