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Title: 20 - Zoning

Chapter: 56 - Use Permits

Section: 30 - Public hearing

The planning commission may hold such public hearings on a use permit application as it may deem to be necessary, notice of which shall be given at least ten days prior to such hearing, through U.S. mail, to all persons whose names and addresses appear on the latest adopted tax rolls as owning real property within a distance of not less than three hundred feet from the exterior boundaries of the area which is the subject of the hearing.

     Further public notification shall be by notice in at least one publication in a newspaper of general circulation within the county at least ten days prior to the first public hearing.

     Further neighborhood notification shall be made in the form of public notices posted at conspicuous places on or near the affected properties not less than ten days prior to the first public hearing. Such notices shall give the time, place and nature of the public hearing.

     Any failure to post public notices as aforesaid shall not invalidate any proceedings pursuant to this chapter.

     To facilitate the above public hearing notification procedure, and to keep county costs of processing such individual permit requests to a minimum, the application for a use permit shall include:

A.    Verification of the applicant\'s interest in the property, such as a copy of the grant deed or signed or certified escrow instructions or title report;

B.    A list of all property owners of record within three hundred feet of the applicant\'s property, together with a drawing or assessor\'s plat map showing the relationship of these properties to the applicant\'s. Names and addresses of property owners are available in the county assessor\'s office. Applicants should make every effort to provide the names of present property owners. Should there be an out-of-county address for a property, yet it is known that there is a residence on the property, an effort should be made to provide the name and mailing address of the tenant on the property;

C.    One stamped, business-letter size envelope addressed to each of the persons on the list.



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