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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 00 - Residential Second Units

Section: 10 - General

A. Intent. The purpose of this chapter is to authorize second units and to establish a procedure for reviewing and approving their development in order to ensure and maintain healthy and safe residential living environments.

B. Findings. The county of Del Norte finds as fol­lows:

  1. The county acknowledges that this chapter may limit housing opportunities within the county by establish­ing standards and designating areas where second units may be permitted; and

The land use densities of the general plan and its implementing ordinance are based on the use of on-site sewage systems and on-site wells. This classification is based on land use, soil types, water availability, sewage failure history, and other information which attempts to provide for reasonable expectations for development while protecting the environment; and

  1. The sewage collection system within the urban area of the county was developed based on existing density and land use. The increased use of second units would accelerate the consumption of design capacity thereby excluding areas intended to be served by the collection system; and
  2. The local street and road system and develop­ment standards are based on existing density and land use. The increased use of second units would result in substan­dard street and road systems which will increase traffic hazards, lower response time for emergency vehicles and increase maintenance costs of public and private streets and roads; and
  3. Adoption of this chapter is necessary to avoid adverse impacts on the public health, safety and welfare that would result from allowing the indiscriminate use of second units. 


(Ord. 95-03 (part), 1995.)