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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 00 - Residential Second Units

Section: 50 - Invalid family care Temporary occupancy of a manufactured home or park trailer for invalid family care

A use permit for the temporary establishment and use of a manufactured home or park trailer may be considered by the planning commission as a second dwelling unit in any R, RR, FR, A or AE zone dis­trict for invalid family care purposes, subject to all of the following:

A. The permit shall be issued to the owner-occupant of a parcel of property, based upon the physical condition of a specific person or persons as an invalid, and such permit shall be nontransferable.

  1. The occupant of the subject unit shall be a member of the immediate family of the principal resident(s) who is the owner-occupant of the subject parcel or the occupant of the subject unit shall be a court appointed guardian to the owner-occupant of the subject parcel.
  2. Application for persons under the age of seventy years shall include a written statement, on a form provided by the county, completed by a practicing physician certify­ing the need for and purpose of the requested invalid care. Verification of need shall be submitted with each annual renewal and shall be signed by the attending physician.
  3. The unit placement shall comply with all applica­ble building, zoning, engineering, health and fire code requirements, and must comply with any applicable architec­tural standards which apply to the parent zoning district; except that density requirements and the requirement for a permanent foundation shall not apply due to the temporary nature of the placement.
  4. Utilities for the second dwelling unit (electrici­ty, water, sewage disposal, etc.) shall be integrated into those of the primary residence.
  5. When the specified occupant(s) of the second dwelling no longer reside in the unit or no longer qualify for the use permitted under these provisions, the unit shall be removed within ninety days, and the area no longer used for second dwelling purposes.
  6. A bond, or other security, in the amount of five thousand dollars, payable to the county of Del Norte, shall be posted by the applicant prior to the issuance of a building permit for the placement/installation of the sub­ject unit. Any bond posted as security pursuant to this section shall comply with the provisions of the California Bond and Underwriting Law which commences with Section 995.010 of the California Code of Civil Procedure. This performance bond is to be held by the county and may be called at any time by the county to enforce removal of the unit.
  7. A notice of conditional approval, stating the conditions of the use permit and requiring the removal of the manufactured home or park trailer upon cessation of need, shall be recorded at the time of issuance of the building permit for the placement (installation) of the unit. A notarized ac­knowledgement statement by the property owner shall be included on the notice of conditional approval.
  8. The use permit shall be subject to annual review and verification of compliance by the planning department and/or planning commission. A fee, in an amount determined by the board of supervisors, may be charged for the annual review. 


(Ord. 95-17 §1, 1995; Ord. 95-03 (part), 1995)