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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 08 - AE Agriculture Exclusive District

Section: 90 - Special yards and distances between buildings required

A.  Accessory buildings used as barns, stables or farm outbuildings for animals    other than small live-stock farming, shall be kept no less than twenty feet from any side or rear property line, and no less than fifty feet from the front property line. In no case shall any animal other than a household pet be kept or sheltered in a dwelling structure or within twenty feet of a dwelling or residential structure.

      B.  Yards for the use of any animal husbandry shall be fenced to keep animals not less than twenty feet from any dwelling.

      C.  Side and rear yards for veterinary clinics shall be no less than sixty feet when adjacent to a lot or parcel used for residential purposes.


(Ord. 86-04 (part), 1986 Ord. 83-03(part))