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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 11 - RCA1 General Resource Conservation Area District

Section: 10 - Intent

Resource conservation areas are those environmentally sensitive habitat areas which are identified by the General Plan Coastal Element as wetlands, farmed wetlands, riparian vegetation, estuary and coastal sand dunes. The general resource conservation area zone is intended to designate those resource conservation areas which require further data, particularly mapping, prior to new or additional development and to serve as a transition zone until such data is made available, reviewed and adopted by the county. Changes of zone from general resource conservation area to another classification are to be made subject to the requirements of Section 21.11.060 herein and only where such uses are in accord with the General Plan or adopted specific plan.

     For the purposes of Section 21.52.020(A)(4), the general resource conservation area uses listed under the principal permitted use section herein, shall be considered as the principal permitted use in the California Coastal Zone. Variances and adjustments to the district\'s requirements and standards shall not be considered a principal permitted use for the purposes of Section 21.52.020(A)(4).

     The regulations set forth in this chapter apply in all RCA1 districts and are subject to the provisions of Chapters 21.02 through 21.60.


(Ord. 83-03(part))