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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 11 - RCA1 General Resource Conservation Area District

Section: 60 - Special rezoning requirements

The rezoning of a parcel or parcels designated as RCA may be considered subject to the requirements of Chapters 21.50 and 21.50B and the special requirements listed in this section.

 A. Mapping. In order to determine the actual boundary of the resource conservation area and the location of any buffer zone which may be required for it, supplemental mapping shall be submitted as a part of the rezoning application, including:

        1. Topographic Base Map. The base map should be at a scale sufficiently large to permit clear and accurate depiction of vegetation associations and soil types in relation to any and all proposed development (normally the scale required will be one inch equals two hundred feet). Contour intervals should be five feet, and the map should contain a north arrow, graphic bar scale, and a citation for the source of the base map (including the date). The map should show the following information:

    1. Boundary lines of the applicant\'s property and adjacent property, including assessor\'s parcel numbers, as well as the boundaries of any tidelands, submerged lands or public trust lands, per Section 21.50.040
    2. Names and locations of adjacent or nearby roads, streets or highways, and other important geographic, topographic and physical features such as streams, bluffs or steep slopes
    3. Location and elevation of any levees, dikes or flood-control channels
    4. Location, size and invert elevation of any culverts or tide gates
    5. Existing development (structures, agricultural areas, etc.).

            2. Inundation Map. For nontidal wetlands, a map should be prepared indicating permanent or seasonal patterns of inundation (including sources) in a year of normal rainfall.

            3. Vegetation Map. Location and names of dominant plant species (e.g., Saliconia Virginica) and vegetation associations (e.g., saltmarsh).

            4. Soils Map. If no soil survey is available, a soils map should be prepared and should show the location of soil types and include a physical description of their characteristics.

    1. Supplemental Information. Where development is proposed in conjunction with the rezoning, a supplement information report may be required pursuant to Section 21-.11A.050.

    2. Review. Upon receipt of a complete rezoning application and prior to any public hearing the county shall submit the above information to the California Department of Fish and Game for review. The Department of Fish and Game shall have up to fifteen days upon receipt of the county notice to review and comment. This requirement does not supersede any other review requirements, such as those of the California Environmental Quality Act, and may be carried out in conjunction with any other review which meets or exceeds the fifteen-day time period

    3. Findings and Disposition.

      1. The county\'s determination regarding the re-zoning shall be based upon specific findings as to whether the area is or is not a resource conservation and/or a wet-land buffer area based on the General Plan Coastal Element Criteria and California Coastal Commission\'s "Statewide Interpretive Guidelines for Wetlands and Other Wet Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas" as adopted February 4, 1981.
      2. Where it is found that all or a portion of a parcel is in a resource conservation area and/or is in any wetland buffer required by Section 21.11A.020(B) said parcel or portion of a parcel shall be rezoned to RCA2 with a parenthetical reference as to the type of resource conservation area, i.e., wetland (w), farmed wetland (fw), estuary (e), riparian vegetation (r), coastal sand dunes (sd) or wetland buffer (wb). Where more than one type exists, the distinction shall be noted on the zoning map.
      3. Where it is found that all or a portion of a parcel is not in a resource conservation area and/or any required wetland buffer, a finding shall be made that the non-RCA area is within the abutting General Plan land use classification and said parcel or portion of parcel shall be rezoned to another zoning classification which is in accord with the General Plan or adopted specific plan as set forth in Chapters 21.51A and 21.51B.
      4. Where parcels totally within the RCA2 zone are contiguous with a parcel outside or partly outside of the RCA2 area, and where all of these parcels have a single owner, said parcels shall be merged at the time the RCA2 zoning is placed in effect upon the properties.


     (Ord. 83-03(part))