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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 11A - RCA2 Designated Resource Conservation Area District

Section: 20 - Applicability

A. This zone shall be applied to those parcels and/or portion of parcels located within the resource conservation areas which are identified by the General Plan Coastal Element and for which the requirements of Section 21.11.060 have been met.

     B. This zone shall also be applied to buffer areas which shall be established around wetlands between the edge of the wetland and any future and/or existing development. Such wetland buffers shall be one hundred feet in width unless a determination of no adverse impact upon the wetland is made, in which case a buffer of less than one hundred feet may be utilized. Such a determination is to be made based upon data submitted pursuant to Section 21.11.060 and shall include consideration of the following factors:

      1. That the most sensitive species of plants and/or animals will not be significantly disturbed based upon:

          a.  Habitat requirements of resident and/or migratory fish and wildlife for nesting, feeding, breeding, etc.

          b.  Assessment of short and long term ability of plant or animal species to adapt to human disturbance.

      2. That where erosion impacts from the project may occur, adequate buffer is provided to allow for interception of eroded materials outside of the wetland area.

      3. That where natural or cultural features such as bluffs, hills, roads, dikes or irrigation canals exist they should be utilized in establishing the location of the buffer area and in separating development wetland areas. Natural features should be included within the buffer area,

i.e., a buffer boundary which follows an embankment should be located at the top of the bank rather than the bottom. Cultural features should be located outside of the buffer boundary to avoid conflict regarding actions such as repair and maintenance.

      4. That where existing adjacent development is located closer to the wetland than one hundred feet or where the configuration of a legally created parcel is such that a building area of less than four thousand two hundred square feet would remain, reduction of the buffer could occur, how-ever alternative mitigation measures (such as the planting or reversion to native vegetation) should be provided to ensure additional protection.

     C. At the time of application of the RCA2 district to a parcel a parenthetical reference as to the type of re-source conservation area shall be noted, i.e., wetland (W), wetland buffer (WB), farmed wetland (FW), estuary (E), riparian vegetation (R), or coastal sand dunes (SD). Where more than one type exists the distinction shall be noted on the zoning map.


(Ord. 83-03(part))