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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 11A - RCA2 Designated Resource Conservation Area District

Section: 40 - Uses permitted with a use permit

Uses permitted with a use permit include:

     A.  In all designations, a single-family residence and appurtenant structures where denial of such would otherwise substantially deny all reasonable use of the parcel and where such development will be sited and designed to prevent impacts which would significantly degrade the environmentally sensitive habitat area, except that where a transfer of development credit or system has been adopted as part of this title, no residential development shall be permitted.

 B.  In all designations, those recreational facilities included in a State Park and Recreation/Department of Fish and Game Master Plan which has been submitted and approved as an amendment to the General Plan Coastal Element.


 C.  In all designations, wetlands restoration subject to Section 21.11A.080.


  D.  In the wetlands, farmed wetlands, and estuary designations, diking, filling, or dredging shall be permitted in accordance with the provisions of the General Plan Coastal Element and Section 21.11A.070(B), where there is no feasible less environmentally damaging alternative and where feasible mitigation measures have been provided to minimize adverse environmental effects, and shall be limited to:


                 1.  New or expanded port, energy and coastal-dependent industrial facilities, including commercial fishing facilities


                  2.  Maintaining existing, or restoring previously dredged, depths in existing navigational channels, turning basins, vessel berthing and mooring areas, and boat launching ramps


                 3.  In wetland areas only, entrance channels for new or expanded boating facilities and in a degraded wetland, identified by the Department of Fish and Game pursuant to subdivision (B) of Section 30411 of the Public Resources Code for boating facilities if, in conjunction with such boating facilities, a substantial portion of the degraded wetland is restored and maintained as a biologically productive wetland provided, however, that in no event shall the size of the wetland area used for such boating facility, including berthing space, turning basins, necessary navigation channels, and any necessary support service facilities, be greater than twenty-five percent of the total wetland area to be restored


                4. Incidental public service purposes, including, but not limited to, burying cables and pipes or inspection of pier and maintenance of existing intake and outfall lines 

                 5. Mineral extraction, including sand for restoring beaches, pursuant to Chapter 7.36 of the Del Norte County Code




                6. Restoration purposes


                7. Nature study, aquaculture, or similar resource-dependent activities


               8. In estuaries only, new or expanded boating facilities.


  E. In estuary designations on the Smith and Klamath Rivers, channel navigation modifications which are seasonal and do not require construction of permanent facilities which will adversely affect the flow of the stream if the following determinations are made:


 1. The modifications are not permanent and will be removed before or during the following high-water period


 2. The modifications are necessary to provide free movement of recreational and/or commercial boating


  3. The project is consistent with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.


 (Ord. 83-03 (part))