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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 13 - TPZ Timberland Preserve Zone District

Section: 40 - Other regulations

A.  The following accessory uses are deemed to be compatible with the growing and harvesting of timber provided they do not significantly detract from the use of the property for, or inhibit, growing and harvesting timber:

         1.  Management for watershed

         2.  Management for fish and wildlife habitat

         3.  A use integrally related to the growing, harvesting and processing of forest products, including but not limited to roads, log landings, and log storage areas (portable chippers and portable sawmills are considered a part of "processing")

         4.  The erection, construction, alteration or maintenance of gas, electric, water or communication transmission facilities

         5.  Grazing and uses accessory to grazing

         6.  Mineral extraction subject to the requirements of Chapter 7.36 of the Del Norte County Code

         7.  Temporary labor camps, less than one year in duration, accessory to timber harvesting or planting operations

         8.  Recreational use of the land for any of the following: walking, hiking, picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, hunting and skiing.

     B.  Provisions of Article 1, "General Provisions" (Section 51100), Article 2, "Establishment of Timberland Preserves" (Sections 51110 through 51119.5), Article 3, "Rezoning" (Sections 51120 and 51121), Article 4, "Immediate Rezoning" (Sections 51130 through 51134) and a portion of Article 5, "Removal from Zone" (Sections 51140 through 51146), of the Government Code of the state as it now reads or may be hereinafter amended shall apply.

     C.  The board of supervisors, in accordance with Section 51113 of the Government Code, shall adopt a list of criteria required to be met by parcels being considered for zoning as timberland preserve initiated by the owner or authorized agents. The minimum parcel size shall be one hundred sixty acres.

After November 1, 1977, owners of timberland not included on List A (Section 51110.1 of the Government Code) or

List B (Section 51110.1 of the Government Code) may petition the board to zone his land as timberland preserve, provided all criteria to be adopted are met.


(Ord. 83-03(part))