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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 23 - PC Planned Community District

Section: 10 - Intent

These district classifications are applicable to parcels of land which are suitable for and of sufficient size to contain a planned development project comprised of one or more land uses which are compatible with each other, integrated in use and design to the districts adjacent to the parcel and are in accord with the General Plan or adopted specific plan. 

     It is the intent of the PC district to designate lands which meet the intent of the district and for which a plan for project development has been adopted pursuant to this chapter.  For the purposes of Section 21.52.020(A)(4), the planned community district uses listed under the principal permitted use section herein shall be considered as the principal permitted use in the California Coastal Zone. Variances and adjustments to the district\'s requirements and standards shall not be considered a principal permitted use for purposes of Section 21.52.020(A)(4).

     The regulations set forth in this chapter apply in all PC districts and are subject to the provisions of Chapters 21.02 through 21.60, except that where apparent conflict in regulations occurs, the regulations specified in this chapter shall apply.


(Ord. 83-03(part))