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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 31 - M Manufacturing and Industrial District

Section: 30 - Uses permitted with use permit

Uses permitted with a use permit in a M district shall be as follows:

     A.  Exploration and/or the removal of stone, minerals, oil, gas, etc., pursuant to Chapter 7.36 of the Del Norte County Code

     B.  Refining of petroleum or other fuels and/or the byproducts and/or the bulk storage of such

     C.  Distillation of bones, fat rendering or tanneries

     D.  Stockyards and slaughterhouses

     E.  Fish or meat processing

     F.  Professional offices

     G.  Sawmills and planing mills

     H.  Pulp mills and paper mills

     I.  Manufacture of acid, chemicals, cement, explosives, fireworks, fertilizer, gas, glue, gypsum, inflammable fluids or gases and/or the bulk storage of such

     J.  Smelting of copper, iron, tin, zinc or other ores

     K.  Animal hospitals, enclosed kennels and veterinary clinics

     L.  Other commercial and industrial uses which might be objectionable for reason of production or emission of noise, offensive odor, smoke, dust, bright lights, vibration or involving the handling of explosive or dangerous materials

     M.  Hog ranches

     N.  Junkyards, wrecking yards, contractor yards, lumber yards and storage yards

     0. Off-site advertising signs.


(Ord. 83-03(part))