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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 35 - C Coastal Area Combining District

Section: 50 - Requirements for highly scenic visual resource areas

A.  Intent. It is the intent of this section to implement the policies of the certified Local Coastal Program pertaining to highly scenic visual resource areas by providing for the establishment of visual resource development guidelines and an architectural review committee.

     B.  Architectural Review Committee. An architectural review committee may be established by the county board of supervisors to evaluate and make recommendations regarding the design and placement of new development within areas of the coastal zone which are designated as highly scenic. The committee shall consist of five residents appointed by the board, one of which should have some expertise in architecture or engineering.

     C.  Duties. Once established it shall be the duty of the committee to:

         1.  Review and develop recommendations regarding the specific designation of highly scenic areas within the coastal zone as combining districts based on the policies set forth in the Visual Resources Component of the General Plan Coastal Element

         2.  Develop guidelines based on General Plan Coastal Element policies for use in the review of new development permits, addressing specifically:

             a.  Landform alteration (such as roadway design),

             b.  Architectural design and placement,

             c.  Outdoor advertising signs

         3.  Develop a procedure for permit review

         4.  Evaluate permits for new development and make recommendations regarding the compatibility of the proposal with the adopted guidelines.

     D.  Adoption of Guidelines. Prior to the commencement of permit review, the guidelines and permit processing procedures required in subsection C of this section shall be adopted as an amendment to this chapter and section of the Del Norte County Code.


(Ord. 83-03(part))