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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 38 - FP2 Flood Overflow Area Combining District

Section: 20 - Special requirements

A.  All uses set forth in the basic zone, whether the principal use or uses permitted by use permit, shall require a use permit except that the removal or harvesting of vegetation and/or use of land for agricultural purposes or timber operations which are in accordance with a timber harvest plan shall not require a use permit.

     B.  New buildings and structures, when it is found by the planning commission that such buildings or structures will be compatible with the basic zoning, shall have a ground floor level above the flood profile level as shown on the zoning map of the particular area in question or provide that the building area is protected from flooding by dikes, levees or other safety measures.

     C.  Where mobilehomes are permitted they shall be anchored to resist flotation, collapse or lateral movement pursuant to Federal Emergency Management Agency standards and shall have a ground floor level above the flood profile or be protected from flooding by dikes, levees or other safety measures.

     D.  Where the basic zoning permits, recreational vehicle parks may be operated on a seasonal basis. Restrooms and utility, recreation and store facilities shall be located and constructed in accordance with health department requirements. Such buildings shall be designed to withstand inundation due to floods.

     Occupied recreational vehicles are permitted in recreational vehicle parks, and such parks are permitted to operate between the months of December and April inclusive, providing that such recreational vehicle is maintained in a condition that will permit its removal from the floodplain without the need for a special towing vehicle or apparatus that the access to such travel trailers, including but not limited to drives, roads and streets, be adequate to provide egress and ingress at any time under all weather conditions and that no cabanas, ramadas or structures shall be constructed, placed or attached to or adjacent to such vehicle.

     E.  Private recreational vehicles may be placed on private parcels of ground for use on a seasonal basis subject to the requirements of subsection D of this section.

     F.  Any new mobilehome park and/or subdivision which permits mobilehomes shall meet Federal Emergency Management Agency standards including:

         1.  Adequate surface drainage

         2.  Access for a hauler

         3.  Pads or lots elevated on compacted fill or on pilings so that the lowest floor of the mobilehome is above the flood profile.


(Ord. 83-03(part))