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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 46 - General Provisions

Section: 110 - Household pets and small livestock

Household pets will be permitted in all districts provided they do not create a nuisance.

     The keeping of any small livestock on parcels of less than an acre in size is prohibited unless the zoning district in which the subject parcel is located specifically permits small livestock farming, except where the occupant of a one-family residence wishes to participate in a 4-H, FFA or other recognized youth program. In such case, they may do so regardless of zoning subject to the below listed conditions:

     A.  The project animal is registered with the sponsoring agency

     B.  An emblem, sign, decal or other official insignia of the sponsoring organization is placed within clear view from the street or access road

     C.  No portion of a pen, cage or shelter for the animal(s) shall be located closer to a neighboring residence than to the one in which the project participant dwells

     D.  No health hazard or neighborhood nuisance is created.

     In cases of a complaint of a neighborhood nuisance, a determination shall be made by the planning commission regarding the retention of the animal at the site. Where a parcel one acre or greater in size is located in a zoning district which does not specifically permit small livestock farming, up to eleven chicken hens, pigeons or similar fowl or eleven rabbits or similar animals may be kept. However, no roosters, quacking ducks, geese or similar animals are permitted. These animals shall be kept pursuant to the requirements of Section 21.17.070(A).


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