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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 46 - General Provisions

Section: 130 - Installation of manufactured homes on individual lots

The installation of manufactured homes on individual lots in areas zoned for single-family residential dwellings (any R, RR and FR zones) or in a zone which permits the placement of a manufactured home subject to the securement of a use permit (not including CT and TPZ zones), is permitted in compliance with the requirements of this section:

     A.  The manufactured home shall be subject to the same development standards to which a conventional single-family residential dwelling on the same lot would be subject including but not limited to, building setback standards, side and rear yard requirements, standards, side and rear yard requirements, standards for enclosure and access, vehicle parking, any applicable aesthetic requirements, and minimum square footage requirements.

     B.  Pursuant to Section 65852.3 of California Government Code, the manufactured homes installed pursuant to this section shall conform to the following:

         1.  The unit shall be placed on a permanent foundation system pursuant to Section 18551 of the Health and Safety Code.

         2.  The unit shall have a roof overhang of not less than four inches on any side, or portion thereof, and not less than six inches on each end of the unit. "End" is defined as the pulling front of each section and the rear of each transported section.

         3.  Roofing material must consist of composition or similar shingles. or tile including a simulated tile.

         4.  The exterior covering material shall be a wood base siding such as exterior plywood or masonite siding, or a horizontal lap aluminum or vinyl siding. Stucco may be approved subject to securement of use permit from the planning commission.

         5.  The exterior covering material shall extend to within six inches of the ground, except that when a solid concrete or masonry perimeter foundation is used the exterior covering material need not extend below the top of the foundation.

         6.  The unit shall have a covered entryway and steps sufficient to provide access to the unit.

         7.  The requirement for a permanent foundation shall not apply when a use permit has been granted by the planning commission for the temporary placement of a manufactured home.


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