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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 50 - California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--General Provisions

Section: 70 - Hearings

A.  New permit applications which are, in the opinion of the county planner, de minimis with respect to the purposes and objectives of the adopted Local Coastal Program, may be scheduled for one public planning commission hearing during which all such items will be taken up as a single matter. which shall be known as the consent calendar.

         1.  Applications shall be processed pursuant to applicable regulations including any preparation of staff reports and the recommendation of findings and/or conditions. Where an item is approved as a part of the consent calendar, any such recommendations shall also be deemed approved.

         2.  The public shall have the right to present any testimony or evidence regarding any item on the consent calendar. Any person may request that a consent calendar item be removed and heard as a separate item subject to their submittal of a brief statement of reasons for the request. The Commission shall, upon a majority vote in favor of the request, set a continued hearing time for the subject item.

         3.  For the purposes of this section a proposed development is de minimis if it involves no potential for any adverse effect, either individually or cumulatively, on coastal resources and that it will be consistent with the County General Plan.


(Ord. 83-03(part))