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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 50A - California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--General Plan

Section: 40 - Notification

A.  The county shall provide notice of pending General Plan amendment application which contains the following information:

         1.  A statement that the development is within the coastal zone

         2.  The date of filing of the application and the name of the applicant

         3.  The number assigned to the application

         4.  A description of the development and its proposed location

         5.  The date(s), time and place(s) at which the application will be considered by the local governing body

         6.  A brief description of the general procedure of local government concerning the conduct of any hearing and/or issuance action

         7.  The system for local and Coastal Commission appeals, including any local fees required.

     B.  Notice of a public hearing shall be provided at least ten days prior to the hearing by:

         1.  First-class mail to each applicant, to all persons who have requested to be on the mailing list for that project or for coastal decisions within the county\'s coastal zone and to the Coastal Commission and

         2.  First-class mail to all property owners within one hundred feet of the perimeter of the parcel on which the development is proposed when a subdivision or zoning amendment is not a part of the project or within three hundred feet when a zoning amendment or subdivision is a part of the project except that when notice for a zoning amendment would be sent to greater than one thousand owners, alternative notice in a newspaper of general circulation pursuant to Government Code Section 65854.5 may be utilized and

         3.  Notice shall be delivered by the applicant to each dwelling unit within one hundred feet of the project. The applicant shall submit to the county planner a signed affidavit listing the addresses of all residences and attesting to the delivery of the notices. The affidavit shall be submitted within three calendar days of delivery and

         4.  Notice shall be published at least once in a newspaper of general circulation published and circulated in the county.

     C.  For the purposes of this section:

         1.  "Property owners" means all persons, including businesses, corporations or other public or private entities shown on the latest equalized assessment roll as owning real property.

         2.  Those persons who request to be on a mailing list shall submit such request in writing to the department of planning and building at any time during the calendar year and it shall apply for the balance of such calendar year. The county may impose a reasonable fee on persons requesting such notice for the purpose of recovering the cost of such mailing.


(Ord. 83-03(part))