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Title: 21 - Coastal Zoning

Chapter: 50C - California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--Use Permits

Section: 60 - Revocation/expiration

A.  In any case where the conditions of granting a use permit have not, or are not complied with, the planning commission/harbor commission shall give notice to the permittee by certified mail sent to the address shown on the application for the use permit at least ten days prior to a hearing thereon. At the conclusion of the hearing, the commission may revoke such permit. Such revocation shall be subject to the right of local appeal in the same manner as set forth in Chapter 21.51.

     B.  In any case where a substantial start has not been made to use the use permit within one year after the date of granting thereof, or the use permit has been abandoned for a period of one year, then, without further action by the planning commission/harbor commission or board of supervisors, the use permit granted shall be null and void. At the permittee\'s request, evidence of a substantial start or abandonment of a use permit may be reviewed by the commission as per subsection A of this section in order to determine whether the permit should not be null and void.


(Ord. 83-0 3 (part))