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Title: 22 - Environment

Chapter: 04 - Environmental Guidelines and Procedures

Section: 100 - Significant effect

  1. If any of the effects of a project may have a substantial adverse impact on the environment, regardless of whether the overall effect of the project is adverse or beneficial, then an environmental impact report must be prepared where discretionary governmental action is involved.
  2. Both primary or direct, and secondary or indirect consequences shall be considered. Primary consequences are immediately related to the project, while secondary consequences are related more to consequences on other than the project site itself.
  3. Where there is, or is anticipated to be, a substantial body of opinion that considers or will consider the effect to be adverse, an environmental impact report must be prepared to explore the environmental effects involved.
  4. In every case, where any of the following conditions are found to exist as a result of the project, the project shall be found to have significant impact on the environment:

1.  Impacts which have the potential to degrade the quality of the environment or curtail the range of the environment

2. An impact which achieves short-term impact, to the disadvantage of long-term impact, is one which occurs in a relatively brief, definable period. A long-term impact will endure well into the future

3. Impacts which are small on any one resource but which have substantial impact when all impacts are considered together

4. The environmental effects of the project will cause substantial adverse effects on human beings, either directly or indirectly.


(Ord. 79-16 § 17.10, 1979.)