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Title: 22 - Environment

Chapter: 04 - Environmental Guidelines and Procedures

Section: 40 - Application

A. The requirements set forth in these guidelines apply to projects which may have a significant effect on the environment and which involve a discretionary action by the county. Where it can be reasonably concluded that an activity in question will not have a significant effect on the environment and the activity is not regulated by these requirements or the state guidelines, then these regulations do not apply. Determination of applicability shall be administrative decisions made by the planning department.

  1. When the county or agency of the county plans to carry out a project which may have a significant effect on the environment, the county shall prepare or cause to be prepared an environmental document(s) for distribution and review.
  2. When a project with a potential significant environmental effect is to be carried out by a project proponent and is subject to discretionary action by the county or its agencies, the county shall prepare or cause to be prepared an environmental document(s). The applicant is required to supply all data and information needed to fulfill requirements of these and the state guidelines and to assist in the preparation of any environmental document(s).
    1. The county is responsible for the adequacy and objectivity of an EIR upon certification by the county.
    2. County projects which require state approval or financial aid of a state or federal agency are regulated by Section 15061(c) of the state guidelines.
  3. An applicant for a project which requires county review for environmental considerations shall be subject to the payment of reasonable fees to offset costs to the county.
  4. When a project requires both an EIR and a federal EIS, the environmental impact statement (EIS) may be substituted in lieu of all or any parts of the EIR required by these guidelines provided, that the pertinent sections are compatible with these guidelines.
  5. Multiple and phased projects: Where individual projects are part of a phased project and where the total activity comprises a project with potential significant environmental effect or commits the county to a larger project, a single EIR shall be prepared which addresses the ultimate project. Where one project is one of several similar projects of a public agency but is not deemed to be a part of a larger activity, the county may prepare or cause to be prepared one EIR for all projects or one for each project. In either case the county shall comment upon the cumulative effects.


(Ord. 79-16 § 17.04, 1979.)