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Title: 22 - Environment

Chapter: 04 - Environmental Guidelines and Procedures

Section: 50 - Lead agency

Where a project is to be carried out or approved by more than one public agency, only one public agency shall be responsible for the preparation of environmental documents. That agency shall be the lead agency. For complete on lead agency designation see Sections 15064-15065.5 of the state guidelines. When more than one public agency is involved in the undertaking or approving a project, the lead agency shall consult with all responsible agencies (that is, all other public agencies involved in carrying out or approving the project) before completing a draft EIR or negative declaration. Early consultation is designed to ensure that the EIR or negative declaration will reflect the concerns of all agencies which will issue approvals for the project. After completing the draft EIR or negative declaration, the lead agency shall consult with other public agencies of jurisdiction and with persons having special expertise. The planning commission shall act as the primary lead agency for the county.


(Ord. 79-16 § 17.05, 1979.)