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Title: 22 - Environment

Chapter: 04 - Environmental Guidelines and Procedures

Section: 60 - Use of a single environmental document

A. The county may employ a single environmental document to describe more than one project if the projects are essentially the same in terms of environmental impact. Further, the county may use an environmental document prepared in connection with an earlier project if the circumstances of the projects are essentially the same. The county may elect to draft an environmental document in advance for entire programs or regulation in order to be prepared for future project applications. Whenever the county chooses to utilize any of these alternatives, it must find that the environmental effects of the projects are similar enough to warrant the same treatment in an EIR and that the EIR will adequately cover the impacts of any single project.

B.  Where an EIR or negative declaration has been prepared, no additional EIR or negative declaration shall be prepared unless substantial changes are proposed or have occurred, or new information becomes available which was not previously examined (see Section 15067 of the state guidelines).

C. Multiple, phased and staged projects may use a single EIR on a staged basis if the project complies with Sections 15069 and/or 15069.5 of the state guidelines.


(Ord. 79-16 § 17.06, 1979.)