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Title: 22 - Environment

Chapter: 04 - Environmental Guidelines and Procedures

Section: 70 - Exempt projects and activities

Under the authority of CEQA and the state guidelines, certain projects and activities are exempt from the requirements for the preparation of negative declarations or EIRs. The following list is in addition to the section identified in the state guidelines and those specific identified sections are considered to be inclusive additional items added by the county and found to be of a similar nature:

A. Emergency Projects.

1. Section 15071 state guidelines.

B. Ministerial Projects.

  1. Section 15073 state guidelines
  2. Animal permits
  3. Use permits for mobile homes
  4. Boundary adjustments
  5. Minor public works projects

6.  Issuance of temporary permits for parades, carnivals and other temporary assemblages

  1.  Temporary retail sales of a limited duration.

C. Categorical Exemptions.

1.    Class I, Existing Facilities. Section 15101 state guidelines

2.    Class II, Replacement or Reconstruction. Section 15102 state guidelines

3.    Class III, New Construction of Small Structures. Section 15103 state guidelines

4.    Class IV, Minor Alterations to Land. Section 15104 state guidelines

5.   Class V, Alterations in Land Use Limitation. Section 15105 state guidelines

6.   Class VI, Information Collection. Section 15106 state guidelines

7.   Class VII, Action of Regulatory Agencies for Protection of Natural Resources. Section 15107 state guidelines and Section 15108 state guidelines

8.    Class VIII, Inspections. Section 15109 state guidelines

9.    Class IX, Accessory Structures. Section 15111 state guidelines

10.  Class X, Other Actions of a Governmental Body. Section 15110 state guidelines and Sections 15112 through 15124 state guidelines.


(Ord.79-16 §17.07, 1979.)