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Title: 3 - Revenue and Finance

Chapter: 04 - Sales And Use Tax

Section: 170 - When chapter becomes inoperative

A.                This chapter may be made inoperative not less than sixty days, but not earlier than the first day of the calendar quarter, follow­ing the county\'s lack of compliance with Article II (commencing with Section 29530) of Chapter 2 of Division 3 of Tide 3 of the Government Code.

B.    This chapter shall become inoperative on the first day of the first calendar quarter, which commences more than sixty days follow­ing the date upon which any city within the county increases the rate of its sales or use tax above the rate in effect on August 27, 1956.


(Ord. 72-2 § 7, 1972 Ord. 243 § 9, 1956.)