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Title: 5 - Business Regulations

Chapter: 04 - Secondhand Dealers

Section: 10 - ReportRequired

Every junk dealer, secondhand dealer, pawnbroker, loan broker, and every proprietor, keeper or owner of any office or other place of business where money is loaned on personal property for a compensation, conducting, maintaining, or operating the business within the county, shall daily make out and deliver to the sheriff, everyday before twelve noon, on a blank form to be furnished by the sheriff for that purpose, a full, true and complete report of all the property and other valuable goods, wares or other things received on deposit or purchased during the preceding twenty-four consecutive hours, together with the time, meaning the hour of the day when received or deposited in pawn or purchase, a description of the person, or persons by whom left in pledge or deposited or from whom purchased, and also the true name, as nearly as the same is known to the pawnbroker, junk dealer, secondhand dealer, loan broker or other person hereinbefore designated, together with the number of persons, the number of the operator\'s license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state of California, whenever the person or persons have been issued such a license,, and wherever possible, the motor vehicle license number of the car driven by the person or persons. This report shall be written in the English language in a clear and legible manner.


(Ord. 241 § 1, 1956.)