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Title: 5 - Business Regulations

Chapter: 04 - Secondhand Dealers

Section: 20 - ReportForms

The sheriff shall immediately, upon the adoption and publication of the ordinance codified in this chapter, cause such number of blanks to be printed, as may be necessary for that purpose, and shall thereafter from time to time cause such additional blanks to be so printed. Such blanks shall be so printed and subdivided that they shall have spaces for writing in the following matters: Number of pawn ticket, amount loaned, amount purchased, description of articles, name and residence of person pledging or selling, description of person pledging or selling, showing true name, as nearly as known, age, sex, complexion, color of mustache or beard) or both, where both are whom, style of dress, height and visible marks or scars, number of operator\'s license, license number of car driven by person making deposit, sale or purchase, also the time when the article or articles were received. The blanks shall also bear a caption providing blank spaces, in which to fill in the date of the report, the name and place of business of the person making the report, and the hour or the day when made.


(Ord. 241 § 2, 1956.)