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Title: 5 - Business Regulations

Chapter: 08 - CATV Systems

Section: 170 - Operational standards

The CATV system shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the highest and best accepted standards of the industry to the effect that subscribers shall receive the highest possible service. In determining the satisfactory extent of such standards the following among others shall be considered:

A.  That the system be installed using all band equipment capable of passing the entire VHF and FM spectrum, and that it have the further capability of converting UHF for distribution to subscribers on the VHF band

B.  That the system, as installed, be capable of passing standard color TV signals without the introduction of material degradation on color fidelity and intelligence

C.  That the system and all equipment be designed and rated for twenty-four per day continuous operation

D.  That the system provides a nominal signal level of two thousand micro volts at the input terminals of each TV receiver

E.  That the system signal-to-noise ratio is not less than forty decibels

F.  That hum modulation of the picture signal is less than five percent

G.  That the system use components having a VSWR of one and four tenth or less.


 (Ord. 72-6 § 17, 1972.)