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Title: 5 - Business Regulations

Chapter: 08 - CATV Systems

Section: 180 - Miscellaneous provisions

A.  When not otherwise prescribed herein, all matters herein required to be filed with the county shall be filed with the county clerk.

B.  The grantee shall pay the county money sufficient to reimburse it for all publication expenses incurred by it in connection with the granting of a franchise pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. Such payment shall be made within thirty days after the county furnishes the grantee with a written statement of such expenses by delivery of same to the county clerk.

C.  The grantee shall maintain an office within the county so that CATV maintenance service shall be promptly available to subscribers.

D.  No person, firm or corporation in the existing service area of the grantee shall be arbitrarily refused ser-vice provided, however, that the grantee shall not be required to provide service to any subscriber who does not pay the applicable connection fee or monthly service charge.


(Ord. 72-6 § 18, 1972.)