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Title: 5 - Business Regulations

Chapter: 10 - CATV Franchise

Section: 10 - Granted to Robert H Hatley

There is granted to Robert H. Hatley, doing business as Harry\'s Mountain TV Cable Co., and having his principal place of business in Del Norte County, California, a franchise to construct, operate and maintain a community antenna television system, replace and/or remove television coaxial cables, poles, wires, conduits and other fixtures upon, along, through, in, over and under public highways, streets, roads, alleys, bridges, tunnels and other public places in the county as grantee may elect to use for this purpose for a period of fifteen years from and after the effective date of this franchise, subject to the provisions of Chapter 5.08 of this code, and subject to the terms, conditions, requirements, obligations and limitations contained in the issued franchise, which is made a part of this chapter by reference.


(Ord. 74-4 (part), 1974.)