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Title: 5 - Business Regulations

Chapter: 10 - CATV Franchise

Section: 50 - Transfer from Skyline Cable Inc to Falcon Telecable

A.  That certain franchise granted to Skyline Cable, Inc. on July 9, 1980, to operate a cable television service in Del Norte County, as more particularly set forth in said franchise, is transferred to Falcon Telecable, a California Limited Partnership, effective September 1, 1987 provided Falcon Telecable accepts all of the terms, conditions, requirements and limitations of said franchise and the provisions of this section.

B.  As a condition of the transfer of the franchise, Falcon Telecable shall agree to assume any obligation which Skyline Cable, Inc. may owe to the county in connection with said franchise, with respect to, but not limited to, fran­chise fees or unsecured property taxes, whether due or un­paid on the date of the transfer, or to become due in the future, and to pay same promptly when due, or if past due, upon demand by the county.


(Ord. 87-22 § § 1, 2, 1987.)