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Title: 9 - Public Peace, Morals and Safety

Chapter: 18 - Alarm Systems

Section: 100 - False alarm reports

Tile sheriffs department may give notice to the alarm user of each response to tile actuation of an alarm which investigation determines to be false. Ali intrusion alarm or an audible alarm shall be denied "false" if, upon investigation, responding law enforcement officers find no physical demonstrative evidence of attempted unauthorized entry or of actual unauthorized entry. Within seventy-two hours after receipt of such notice, the alarm user shall file a written report with the sheriff containing an explanation of the cause of activation of the alarm and any planned corrective action. Alarms which are activated by earthquake, flood, extreme and unusual windstorm, tornado, or other acts of God, and alarms activated by actions of persons other than the alarm user, its employees and agents, (including, in the case of a residence, all persons residing there­in), or the alarm business, shall not be considered to be "false alarms." If the alarm system is serviced by an alarm business, the report may be filed by the business instead of the alarm user. Failure to respond to such notice shall be grounds for suspension of the alarm system permit.


 (Ord. 85-10 (part), 1985.)