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Title: 9 - Public Peace, Morals and Safety

Chapter: 18 - Alarm Systems

Section: 140 - Nuisance calls

A.  The sheriff may declare an alarm system at a specific location as a nuisance if such alarm system activates excessive false alarms. It is found and determined that three false alarms within any sixty-day period are excessive and constitute a public nuisance.

B.  The sheriff may suspend the permit for an alarm system which activates five or more false alarms or when the alarm user fails to respond to a notice issued under Section 9.18.100. The sheriff shall serve the permittee with a written order of suspension. The order shall be effective immediately if personally served, or forty-eight hours after it is deposited with postage prepaid in the United States mail. The order of suspension may be appealed to the board of supervisors by the alarm user. A notice of appeal must be filed within fifteen days after service of the order, with a copy thereof to the sheriff. If a suspension is appealed, the suspension shall be stayed pending final determination on tile appeal. The board of supervisors or their designee shall render a decision on the appeal no later than the next regular meeting of the board following a hearing which in shall be held no later than the second regular meeting of the board following receipt of the notice of appeal, which shall include the effective date of revocation, if any, with notice to the applicant and the sheriff. The board of supervisor ' s decision on the suspension shall be final.

C.  While an order of suspension is in effect, the alarm system shall receive non-priority response from the sheriff\'s department.

D.  A suspended alarm system permit shall be deemed automatically revoked fifteen days after the order of suspension becomes effective, unless the permittee presents the sheriff written verification, satisfactory to the sheriff, that the system has been completely evaluated and problem located and corrected.

E.  If an alarm system permit is revoked pursuant to this section, the permittee shall surrender the permit to the sheriff. Any alarm system shall be disconnected and cease op¬≠erating, and shall not be put into operation until a new permit is issued.

F.  In the event an alarm system permit has been revoked, the alarm user may be granted a new permit only after the deficiencies in the alarm system have been fully corrected, or a different alarm system has been installed by a different alarm business. If the alarm system remains under the same alarm business, the sheriff may order a technical inspection by a qualified person to determine whether the deficiencies have been corrected, in which event a fifty-dollar inspection fee shall be paid prior to the granting of a new permit at that location.


(Ord. 85-10 (part), 1985.)