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Title: 9 - Public Peace, Morals and Safety

Chapter: 18 - Alarm Systems

Section: 150 - Civil penalties for false alarms

A.    Any alarm user whose alarm system constitutes a nuisance pursuant to the provisions of Section 9.18.140(A) shall be liable to the county for the payment of the following civil penalties:

1.  For the third false alarm in any sixty-day period, a penalty of twenty-five dollars;

2.  For the fourth false alarm in any sixty-day period, a penalty of fifty dollars;

3.  For the fifth and for each additional false alarm in a sixty-day period, a penalty of one hundred dollars.

B.  Failure to pay civil penalties as required by this section within thirty days of receipt of notice from the sheriff shall be grounds for suspension and revocation of the alarm system permit as provided in Section 9.16.140(B) and (D).

C.  For the purpose of this section, all false alarms which are emitted by an alarm system in any twenty-four hour period shall be deemed to constitute one false alarm. Independently controlled alarms within the same premises shall constitute a separate alarm.

D.  No notice of civil penalties shall be issued for a third or subsequent false alarm unless the alarm user has been given notice of the first two false alarms and a notice of civil penalties for false alarms in excess of two.


 (Ord. 85-10 (part), 1985.)