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Title: 9 - Public Peace, Morals and Safety

Chapter: 18 - Alarm Systems

Section: 40 - Alarm business registration

It is unlawful for any person, partnership, corporation or firm to own, manage, conduct or carry on the business of selling, leasing, installing, servicing, maintaining, repairing, replacing, moving, removing or monitoring an alarm system in or on any building, place or premises within the County without first having registered with the sheriff\'s department. Registration shall not be required for any business which only sells or leases alarm devices at a fixed location unless the business services, installs, monitors or responds to alarm systems at the protected premises. Registration shall be accomplished by registering the name of the alarm business and filing a copy of its state-issued identification card with the sheriff\'s department. No fee shall be charged for such registration, nor shall any application form be required by the county. (Ord. 85-10 (part), 1985.)