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Title: 9 - Public Peace, Morals and Safety

Chapter: 18 - Alarm Systems

Section: 80 - Monitored alarm system standards

All monitored alarm systems installed within the county shall utilize approved Underwriters Laboratory rated protection equipment or equipment approved by some other recognized testing laboratory or approved by the sheriff or his designee. All electrical installations shall be in accordance with applicable requirements of the County\'s electrical code, and all required permits shall be obtained. Each intrusion alarm system shall be equipped with an auxiliary power supply capable of providing adequate power to the alarm system for a minimum of four hours in the event of electrical power interruption. The auxiliary power shall be automatically activated, in such a manner that the alarm system is not activated by an electrical power interruption. A system equipped with a power failure alarm, which will prevent a false alarm in the event of a power outage may be excluded from the auxiliary power requirement.


 (Ord. 85-10 (part), 1985.)