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Title: 9 - Public Peace, Morals and Safety

Chapter: 18 - Alarm Systems

Section: 90 - Permit for countymonitored alarms

A.  An alarm user or an alarm agent may apply for, and the sheriff may grant, a permit to install and connect at the Del Norte County Sheriff\'s Department a monitor for an intrusion alarm, robbery alarm, disturbance alarm or a fire alarm system, or any combination thereof. A fee in the sum of twenty-five dollars shall be aid to the county prior to the issuance of each such permit. In addition, the permittee shall pay the actual costs of installing the monitor as deter­mined by the sheriff. The permittee shall give to the sheriff at least fifteen days prior written notice whenever it intends to discontinue service to any alarm system and to remove the installed monitor for Such alarm system.

B.  In determining whether to grant a permit, the sheriff shall consider the need for monitoring of the particular alarm, compared to tile need for monitoring of other alarms, the demands of other operations, and the availability of space, equipment and personnel. The sheriff may remove or cause the removal of any monitoring device when in his sole discretion the continued monitoring of the alarm no longer meets the criteria set forth in this subsection. The decision of the sheriff regarding an application or removal is final and not appealable.

C.  Permits for county-monitored alarm systems shall be conditioned upon the permittee agreeing that the County is not an insurer; that the fees charged for the permit represent the cost of processing the permit and installing the monitoring equipment in the sheriff\'s department; that by issuing the permit and allowing the monitoring of the alarm system to be done by the sheriff, the county does not undertake to provide law-enforcement services to the permittee at any greater level that is provided to any other person or firm; that the permittee waives any clam against the county, its officers, employees or agents based upon the sheriff\'s failure to respond to permittees alarm system, or the sheriff\'s delay in responding, to permittees alarm system; or for the negligence of tile sheriff in responding to the permittees alarm system; and that the permittee further agrees to indemnify and hold harm­less the county, its officers, employees and agents from any claim whatsoever made by any person or entity which alleges that the act or omission to act by the county, its officers, employees or agents in connection with permittees alarm system caused personal or property damage to such person or entity.


 (Ord. 85-10 (part), 1985.)