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Title: 9 - Public Peace, Morals and Safety

Chapter: 50 - Distribution of Funds from Forfeitures and Seizures

Section: 50 - Limitations

A.  The auditor-controller shall allocate and distribute forfeited funds in accordance with the provisions of this chapter except that:

    1. No allocation shall be made to an organization other than an eligible organization as defined in this chapter:

2. No forfeited funds shall be distributed pursuant to this chapter until:

a.  The superior court shall issue an order of forfeiture and judgment of such funds in a judicial proceeding. or

b.  The Attorney General of California or the district attorney shall issue a written declaration of forfeiture of such funds in an administrative forfeiture proceedings permitted by statute,

     3. If two or more organizations provide information to a law enforcement agency. and such information is utilized by the law enforcement agency to obtain an order of forfeiture or a declaration of forfeiture, the forfeited funds available for distribution shall be divided equally among all eligible organizations making a claim under such order of declaration.

B.   The auditor-controller may adopt such additional rules and regulations as may be necessary to establish guidelines for the processing of forfeiture claims provided such rules and regulations are consistent with the provisions of this chapter.


(Ord. 87-14 § 1 (part). 1987.)