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21.00 Residential Second Units
21.02 Enabling Plan
21.04 Definitions
21.06 Districts
21.08 AE Agriculture Exclusive District
21.09 A Agricultural General District
21.10 AI Agriculture Industrial District
21.11 RCA1 General Resource Conservation Area District
21.11A RCA2 Designated Resource Conservation Area District
21.13 TPZ Timberland Preserve Zone District
21.14 CT Coastal Timber Zone District
21.16 RR-1 Rural Residential District
21.17 RRA Rural Residential Agriculture District
21.19 R-1 One-Family Residence District
21.20 MHP Mobilehome Park
21.21 R-2 Low Density Multiple-Family Residence District
21.22 R-3 High Density Multiple-Family Residence District
21.23 PC Planned Community District
21.25 C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District
21.26 C-2 Light Commercial District
21.27 C-3 Central Business District
21.28 C-R Commercial Recreational District
21.30 C-4 General Commercial District
21.31 M Manufacturing and Industrial District
21.32 MP Manufacturing and Industrial Performance District
21.33 PF Public Facility District
21.34 B Combining District
21.35 C Coastal Area Combining District
21.36 D Combining District
21.37 FP1 Flood Zone Area Combining District
21.38 FP2 Flood Overflow Area Combining District
21.39 FP3 Protected Areas Within Flood Zones Combining District
21.40 Manufactured Housing (MFH) Combining District
21.44 Off-Street Parking
21.45 Flood Damage Prevention
21.46 General Provisions
21.47 Harbor Area Public Access Provisions
21.48 Nonconforming Uses
21.50 California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--General Provisions
21.50A California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--General Plan
21.50B California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--Zoning Amendments
21.50C California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--Use Permits
21.50D California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--Variances
21.51 California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--Local Appeals
21.52 California Coastal Zone Entitlement Procedures--California Coastal
21.60 Enforcement